Thursday, April 14, 2016

Danger to Your Health If Spot Late Night

Foods is one requirement that must be fulfilled to meet the nutritional needs of people every day. Because in general, humans need a variety of nutrients that can help maintain health. Nutrition is one of them can be met by eating food every day three times a regular basis. But did you know that the food is too late at night turned out to be very bad for health. Where it can cause a variety of health problems that are rarely realized by everyone. Ideally, every person in required to eat every 3 times that morning, noon, and night. But for a meal at night should last no more than 7pm or late at night because it can be harmful to health. But for various reasons some people postpone making dinner time until late at night. Do you know what are the dangers of dissolved evening meal for health? Immediately, note the following reviews.

Here Various Danger to Your Health If Spot Late Night

Gain weight

The first danger as a result of frequent eating late at night is that it can make you gain weight. The problems that this one was already widely experienced by everyone ranging from young children to adults. Not only that the weight problem from day to day increasing this makes people feel stress and lead to various diseases in the body. All you need to know the weight of this rise can always caused because of your habit who like to eat in the evening. This is because when foods that contain calories at night, but not a lot of activities undertaken. Then it will be difficult to burn those calories and consequently make fat deposits in the body that make your weight increases. Well if you do not want it to be so from now stop the habit of eating at night.

The dangers of eating in the middle of the night the second is the statement, can trigger diabetes. This disease is a very dangerous disease. Besides the disease is more advanced disease of the accumulation of fat in the body. If the habit of eating too late at night often done then your potential diabetes increases. As we know diabetes is the most deadly diseases in the world's number three after after cancer and heart disease. Of course it does not want to happen to you right? So from now stop the habit of eating late at night before bed.

Heart attack
The heart is an organ that has a very important role that is necessary in case his health every day. The health condition of the heart can cause a problem when a person has a habit of eating when late at night. In this case it is not many people are aware of it. Still there is a connection with the deposition of fat in the body, the more fat it will be at risk of clogging parts of blood vessels that can lead to heart attacks.

Affect Sleep Patterns and Quality
The dangers of eating late at night last is that it can affect your sleep patterns and quality. This is because the food that can give a sense of satiety will provide stimulus body to not sleeping. So therefore it will certainly affect the quality of your sleep. 
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