Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Use the Hp Camera like a DSLR Camera

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When shooting has become a mandatory activity for adolescents. Because every moment lovely mandatory immortalized using the camera. But if you do not have a DSLR camera need not worry.

Currently you smartphone camera more affordable than DSLR cameras you can use to make the picture of you as a DSLR camera. Even some people will not believe it if it's just using a camera phone. But you must know how to use the HP camera like a DSLR camera.

Do not worry because a lot of ways to make the results because your phone like a DSLR camera. Only need to use a bit of property and application support to obtain maximum results.

Here's how to use the HP camera like a DSLR camera:

Wear sunglasses instead of the polarizer
Create a gradient color polarizers function more perfect. Using tanned glasses could be a solution. Put glasses in front of your camera, then navigate to the object you want in the photo. The result in this way can cause effects that resemble polarizer filter that can be mounted on a DSLR camera.

Shots of key high-style shoot
Shoot high key method used to remove the focus from the object using high contrast and lighting. But actually there are simple ways that can be used in order to keep your cell could produce photographic effects like this.

Before the shooting, point the camera cell phone prior to the dense carbon cardboard. That way your camera exposure can work to lock the light. High key shoot-style professional photographer can be created easily.

Dramatic impression
Securities photography drone can make a dramatic impression of the images generated through the heights that can not be beaten. But drones are still pretty expensive prices and rent also still feels burdensome.

By using a little creativity and courage, dramatic effects can be obtained by using helium balloons. Use at least three helium balloons and then create a place to put down the phone.

RGBW Sensors ala DSLR
How to use the HP camera like a DSLR camera that uses sensors RWGB next. Lighting good results determine the quality of the photo. For that you should select a smartphone camera that has a style RGBW sensor DSLR. This feature makes the photo to appear brighter, even type photos in dim lighting conditions.

Distance flash
Taking photos using the flash from a distance would have no effect on the object. While using the flash from a distance that is too close will give the effect of excessive light.

The best distance for using the phone's camera flash is 60 cm up to 2 meters. If more than that, the flash will have no effect, but if it is too close can make a face like a ghost.

We have had many camera phones that have similar apperturenya with DSLR cameras. With the ability of the lens to capture more light even in dark conditions so that you'll get the picture clearer and brighter.

That's how to use the HP camera like DSLR cameras are required you try. Even if you did not set has a DSLR camera, but it's been a lot of tricks and camera phones that can support in order to get results like a DSLR camera.

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