Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Poisonous Plants Growing in Indonesia

May inadvertently you ever come across and saw a poisonous plant which we will describe below. This poisonous plant go to the left history of human tragedy that should die karen forced to swallow and eat. The plant turns out there also and body in the country of Indonesia. Curious to know what plants are poisonous? Immediately, note the following review!

Here's Some Poisonous Plants Growing in Indonesia

Daun Distance (Ricinus communis)

For the first poisonous plants in Indonesia is a leaf distance. Plants that one may inadvertently often found growing in rural areas as a plant barrier as the name suggests is the distance or barrier. Leaves and sap within this distance in ancient times used as a traditional medicine. Leaves range does have a tremendous benefit to cure various diseases in the body. But who would have thought if Jatropha is actually highly toxic and lethal if consumed someone. Quite simply consume two castor beans is enough to finish your resume. This is because in this jatropha seed contains ricin. According to the experts say ricin is a malignant compounds that are extremely harmful to not hitherto been found an antidote. So that's why we recommend if you find a plant that this one should not even try to touch or to eat, otherwise your life will be at stake.
Cassava Rubber
Not all poisonous cassava but only one poisonous cassava are cassava rubber. Do you ever find varieties of cassava this one? Perhaps if we look all cassava has the same shape and texture but are identified by their bitter taste. Cassava rubber compounds that contain cyanogenik poisonous glycoside that can produce cyanide. As we know cyanide is known as cold-blooded killers who are very difficult to detect. This is because it has no color and odor. When you find cassava need to be careful lest you consume cassava on this one if you do not want your life is at stake.
Amethyst types that exist in Indonesia is the kind Datura metel which is still in the same family of bells. Amethyst contains several compounds in trust can help to cure all kinds of diseases. Is a disease such as rheumatism, lumbago and many others. But besides that amethyst also contain very dangerous to the health of the body to be life threatening. The compounds are alkaloids which are compounds having halusionogen effect especially on the seeds. Securities that caused jka poisoned plants are cone-shaped body experiencing shortness of breath, anxiety, throbbing pulse, dizziness and ultimately lead to death.

Gympie-Gympie (Dendrocnide moroides)
The latter is a type of plant that-Gympie Gympie (Dendrocnide moroides) which is a plant that is quite dangerous in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone one plant is known as a stinger plants because when the skin is touched the leaves will be very hot and will not be lost for months. Usually one plant in the forest's many Maluku. If you find this animal would be nice to avoid and be careful. With such tremendous toxic effects if exposed to it will affect mortality in yourself.

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